My name is Daniel Edward Ray. I was born on September 9,1983. I am 17 years old. I came into this world 6 weeks early after trying to come 6 times before that.
When I was born both my lungs collasped twice and I was placed on a ventilator for approx. 31 days. I had Chronic Lung Disease, Asthma, Seizures, Aortic Heart Problems and Cerebal Palsy (CP). I was not supposed to walk or talk.
The first two (2) years of my life I was hospitalized 22 times, each visit lasting about a week. I went to the hospital so much, my mom memorized my chart #. 
When I was 2, I learned to scoot across the floor. By the age of six with lots of physical therapy, I had learned to walk short distances with assistance.
I have been in & out of the wheelchair due to the CP & breathing problems which made it difficult at times to have any energy. I have my own customized wheelchair that is used now to Glorify the Lord!
When I was around 11 years old I had to be placed on Oxygen to breathe. I took 10 pills a day, respiratory treatments every 3-4 hours, I had to have Chest percusions (where my mom beat on my chest and back to loosen up the secretions in my lungs), as well as being suctioned several times a day. My life seemed to be filled with hospital & Doctor's visits. 
I have always liked music. I tried to sing when I was on the Oxygen. On a good day I could sit up in my chair and sing (1) one song. Once a gentleman told my mom not to let me sing. I had tried to sing a song and was gasping for air. My mom told me I was gray looking around my eyes & mouth. Mom told him thats what made me happy and she couldn't stop me. It took alot out of me , but I told him," I don't know about your Bible, but my Bible says Let everything that have breath Praise the Lord & I'm STILL BREATHING! God is so good! That was the past. On Feb.26, 1997, the Lord HEALED ME!!!!! 
While sitting in a church service, I told my mom that the Lord spoke to me and told me I didn't need the Oxygen anymore that He had a work for me to do. I still show some signs of CP, But no longer require the use of my wheelchair or pills, oxygen,suction or aerosol machines anymore. And God's not finished yet.
My dream is to sing professionally UPLIFTING GOD! both in testimony & song.
My favorite songs are God on the Moutain by the McKamey's and I'm Not Givin Up by Gold City.